Spectratek Technologies proudly presents its line of Decorative Film Products, including holographic diffraction films, SpectraSteel steel-like decorative films, and Lens Array - Fresnel lens products. Spectratek Technologies creates the brightest holographic diffraction films in the world and our products are commonly known as the benchmark in the holographic diffraction industry. Spectratek’s steel-like film products are often mistaken for the real thing. Our fresnel lens array decorative films depict depth and clarity previously unseen. The brilliance and precision of our optical embossing techniques is demonstrated when our products are converted into small pigment and glitter particles. Geometric Pigment and Holoflake Holographic Glitter, and their diamond like appearance are changing the way that the cosmetic, paint, plastic, and numerous other industries see color.

The originator of embossed optical technologies is proud to celebrate its twentieth anniversary in business with the passing of the new millennium. Behind the leadership of Michael S. Foster ( inventor of embossed holography, chairman of the board, and director of technologies ), Spectratek now enjoys its place as the world's leader in state of the art embossed film technology.

Our products are recognized world wide as the brightest, most easily converted optical effects films with the smallest ( or no ) shim lines manufactured in the world today.

We specialize in long run, wide web, high performance films that are both solvent and heat resistant. After completing our expansion in winter 2000, Spectratek is striving to be your low cost high volume premium producer long into the future.

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